How to manage opening & closing hours of your store

Setting Store Opening & Closing Times

1. To do this, navigate to Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Store.

2. Scroll down to find the Store Schedule widget.

Select Open or Close from the drop-down for each day of the week.

3. For days when the store is Open, select hours of operation from the numeric fields.

4. You can also change and add different notices for Open and Closed hours.

5. When you’ve finished the configuration, click on Update Settings.

Storefront View

When visitors come to the vendor store, they’ll be able to view these notices on the store banner.

When the store is open / When the store is closed.

Opening & Closing Widget on Store List

Users can view which store is closed and open in the store list. That way they will know which store to visit and when.

Note: The widget will only show if you enable the setting and also set your store opening and closing times. That means even if you enable the store opening and closing widget from the dashboard but don’t set the schedule then this widget will not be shown on the store list.

Multiple Opening & Closing Time Slots

If you want you can set multiple opening and closing times for your store. Just enable your business days and add timings. Click on the “Add hours” option to add multiple timings.

Remember your closing time has to be bigger than your opening time, otherwise, the timings will be displayed in red.
And make sure the opening time has to be equal to or bigger than the previous slot’s closing time.

You can use the “x” button to remove any time slots.

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