How to create a Digital Product (vendor dashboard)

Go to Seller Dashboard → Product → Add New product button in the top right corner

There are several mandatory fields at the start, like product name, category, price, etc. Fill them up so that you can move on to the later sections without interruption. Now, click on the Create Product button and it will redirect you to the product edit page.

Once on the Edit Product page enable theDownloadable” checkbox. For digital products, we also advise enabling also theVirtual” checkbox. Virtual products are intangible and aren’t shipped. When you enable the “Virtual” checkbox, the shipping section will disappear from the product page.

Fulfill tags and description fields if you didn’t do it on the start page.

In the “Inventory” section check the box “Allow only one quantity of this product to be bought in a single order“. This will allow customers to avoid mistakenly buying the same item twice in the same order.

Add File: If you click on this button you will upload the files on the site server via media library. The maximum file size that can be uploaded in this case is 10 MB.

Offload files to S3: If you click on this button, you can upload files up to 100 MB. They will be stored in the outer digital cloud and will load faster.

So, after clicking on the “Offload files to S3“, click in the center of the appeared popup window. Then a window for selecting files to upload will open. Here, files are uploaded directly from your device, not from your media library. You can upload one or several files at once.

Once the file is successfully uploaded, click on the “X” icon in the top right corner to close the uploading window.

The uploaded file will appear in the “Downloadable Options” section.

Name: The name field defines what the downloaded file name should be. We are letting you to define that because you might name the original file to something like “” and you want the user to download the file as “New Album”.

So this option will be useful for you to serve and organize better. 

Download limit: How many times the customer will be able to download the product. Leave blank for unlimited re-downloads.

Download Expiry: How many days the download link will be available. Leave blank for the product to be available all the time.

Hit Save when done.

You can add multiple files to the same product and give them different names.

For downloadable product you can’t set bulk discount as for this type of product you enabled “Allow only one quantity of this product to be bought in a single order”.

But here you can include other options. There are options including product status, visibility, purchase note, and product reviews. After completing all of the steps, click on the “Save Product” button to create your downloadable product.

Quick overview of the process

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