Store settings (vendor dashboard)

Shop banner and profile picture

Store banner will represent vendor products concept with one big image. You can use a good visual interactive image to grab the attention of customers.

We recommend putting your logo on your profile picture.

You can set the images from Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Store page.

The store banner and profile picture are set.

Switch to the shop frontend

To get to the page of your store, navigate to Vendor Dashboard→Visit Store (at the very bottom of the control panel in the lower left corner click on the “square with a northeast arrow” icon).

This is the store frontend.

Shop information

Fill in your store information and check the “More Products” box. This way, the single product page will display other suggested products from your store.

Shop terms and conditions

You can set your own terms for your store. To do this, check the “Terms and Conditions” box. Then a text box will open. Specify the conditions for your shop, go down to the bottom of the page and click on Update Settings.

Shop Schedule

You can set opening and closing times/days for your shop. Check the “Store Schedule” box to open the setup panel.

Enter all required work schedule settings and specify Store Open Notice and Store Close Notice. And don’t forget to Update Settings by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Vacation mode

When you want to go on vacation or just want to turn off your store publicly, you can turn on vacation mode by going to your Vendor Dashboard → Settings → Store.

Scroll down until you see “Go to Vacation”. Mark the check box and type a custom message in the Set Vacation Message text box. What you type here will show up as a notice on top of your public store as long as the Vacation mode is turned on. Click the “Update Settings” button to save changes and turn on vacation mode.

To turn off vacation mode, simply uncheck the “Go to Vacation” box.

Automatic vacation

If you’d rather turn on vacation mode and turn it off after a certain time, you can set the vacation mode start and end date. Go to Vendor Dashboard→Settings→Store. Check the “Go to Vacation” box and choose Date Wise Close from the drop-down menu next to Closing Style.

You can set multiple vacation dates. Here is how the multiple vacation lists look like:

Hover over any line of the vacation list to display the Delete and Edit options.

Enable storewide discount

Check the “Discount” box and fill in the two fields that open. In the first field, enter the minimum order amount from which the discount will work. Enter the discount percentage in the second field.
For example minimum order amount – 50 / discount percentage – 10. This means that when buying goods in your store for 50€ or more, the customer will receive a 10% discount.



In the biography section, you can tell about yourself, your store, and the products you make and sell. You can also add photos if you wish.

And check the “Enable Support” button. Only show support button in store. (Support button in single product is disabled by default on the site.)

You can also enter your own text for the support button. The default text is “Contact Seller“. You can change it to “Get Support“, “Get Help“, etc.

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