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Follow the step by step guide how to register as a seller
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Add your logo, biography, store and shipping termes & conditions
Add products manually or import them from other platform in minutes.
Promote your store, sell your products and earn income.

Register as a seller

Follow this guide “Become a seller” which explains every step of the registration process. 


The DIY Markt platform provides several types of packages for sellers: Professional sellers (creators, designers, suppliers, etc.) / Individual sellers / Designers selling their own digital patterns.


You will find the conditions for each pack in the sellers’ policy: Conditions for each type of seller

Professional sellers – creators, designers, suppliers, etc. (proof of your activity connected to the theme of the DIY Markt platform is required – social page and/or personal website with a presentation of your products, or any other proof that you are a creator, designer, supplier, or professional seller).

Individual sellers (for those who don’t provide any proof of their professional activity connected with the theme of DIY Markt platform). 

Designers selling their own digital patterns (proof of your professional activity is required – social page and/or personal website with a presentation of your digital products /patterns).

Go through identity verification

To activate your store, you need to pass identification and address verification, and connect your store to the payment system.


See here How to pass vendor verification.


See here How to connect the store to the payment system


If you choose “Profesional Seller Pack”, you will be additionally asked to provide proof of your professional activity connected with the theme of the platform (your website and/or social page with your products). Without providing this information your store will be transferred to the “Individual Seller Pack”. 

Customize your store

Your platform store is a showcase for your products. Approach with all seriousness and creativity the design of your store. Add a banner, and logo, write about yourself and your products in the Biography section, and specify the terms and conditions of your store, as well as the shipping and return policy. You can also manage the opening hours of your shop and the vacation periods.


See here for A guide to setting up a store

Rules when publishing the products on the DIY Markt platform!

Language: The product descriptions, seller biography, store terms and conditions, and shipping and return policies should be written only in English. The original language of the site is English and it is automatically translated into other languages. If you are not strong in English, we advise you to use an online translator. Google translate does very good translations.


Currency: Prices should be indicated in Euros (€). If your country has a different currency, use a currency converter to calculate the cost in Euros. For buyers, the DIY Markt platform has an automatic converter for major currencies (dollar, pound sterling, yen, yuan…).


Prices: inclusive VAT


For more details see here: Listing your items on DIY Markt

Publish your products

You can add your products manually or if you sell on other platforms, you can import your listings in minutes.

If you add your products manually, this guide will serve you: Product Settings

How it works on the example of the data transfer Etsy → DIY Markt.
1. How can you download your Sale listings from Etsy?
On Etsy (English version of the website), go to Shop Manager.
Select Settings.
Select Options.
Select the Download Data tab.
Under “Currently for Sale Listings”, click the “Download CSV” button.
CSV file includes the listing title, description, price, currency code, quantity, tags, materials, and image URLs for all of your Currently for Sale listings.
2. A detailed guide on how to import CSV files to DIY Markt is here: Vendor Tools (Export/Import products)
It doesn’t matter how you add your products (manually or by import), you must set up shipping manually. 

Start Selling

Once you have gone through all the above steps, you can start selling. Do not forget that the development and promotion of your store depend not only on the platform but also on your personal efforts.


– Set up SEO for products to increase their visibility in search engines.


– Set up SEO for your store.


– Advertise your store on social networks, and share the link on your pages and interest groups.


– Track analytics of visits to your store and products that are in high demand.


You will find the necessary instructions for these items in the Seller Handbook.

Technical support

If you have technical questions or difficulties managing your store, please join our private Facebook group (Seller Support Group) and post your questions there. The admin and other sellers will help you solve your problem. Questions are usually repeated, it is highly likely that the answer to your question has already been posted there.

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