Vendor verification

 Go to Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Verification. 

This is how the “Verification” panel looks like by default.

Verify ID, Driving License or Passport

When you click on the “Start Verification” button this modal will appear. You can upload photos for Passport, National ID, or Driving License. Select the category and Upload the file as necessary.

You can upload scanned photos here for any one of them (supported file types are jpg, jpeg). After uploading the document press “Submit“.

After submitting, you will see a message that the verification is awaiting approval.

Verify Address

When you click the button “Start Verification” under the Address Verification section you will get a form like this. Fill out the fields, upload proof of residence, and press “Submit”.

Company verification

Upload your company registration document and press “Submit” (supported file types are pdf, jpg, and jpeg).

It can take up to several hours for the admin to approve documents.

Once your documents are accepted, you’ll see notifications in the Verification panel that your verification requests have been approved. 

After completing all the necessary steps that are listed above, your store will be activated by the admin. Immediately after activation, the error message will disappear from your dashboard, and from that moment you will be able to sell your products on our website. Store setup guide.


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