What to do if your product gets a bad review

See here where to see all reviews of your store

Note that reviews on the DIY Markt platform can only be left by logged-in users who have purchased the product.

It happens that the review itself is good, but the buyer mistakenly put 1 star instead of 5. Or the buyer misunderstood how to use your product and, without asking for your help, directly wrote a bad review. It can ruin your store’s overall score.

If you do not agree with the customer’s feedback, you have several options for resolving this issue.

1 – You can write a public response. To do this, click “Reply” in the right corner under the desired comment, write your answer, and click “Submit“.

2 – Resolve the issue amicably.
Before you write a public response, we advise you to try to find a solution amicably.

To resolve disputes with customers regarding reviews, we recommend using the DIY Markt community messenger. In this case, the customer is guaranteed to receive your message and it won’t end up in the spam.

Steps to follow:

   1. Once you’ve found a negative review in your store’s review list, click on that review’s date to open it on the page of the item it’s related to.

   2. In the browser bar, copy the URL of the page that opens.
The URL will look like this: https://www.diymarkt.com/product/name-of-product/#comment-number. This will be the link to that particular review.

   3. Then open the community members page. You can open it in two ways:
a) go directly to this URL: https://www.diymarkt.com/members.
b) either log in to your community profile and click “Members” in the sidebar.

 4. On the community members page, in the search box, enter the name of the customer you need (the exact name or nickname as it appears in the review). In the search result, find the user you need. 

Every user has a unique name/nickname. Therefore, pay attention so that the name/nickname of the customer indicated in the review, noted in the search line on the members page and that of the user profile completely matches.

 5. Enter the user profile you need and click “Private Message“.
In the messenger window that opens, write a message to the customer with your questions and/or arguments, and insert a link to the review in question. Send the message.

NOTE: The customer cannot edit and/or cancel his/her published review, but he/she can write an additional (one more) review on the same product with a restriction: when writing a second review on the same product, the client will only be able to leave a text comment (no rating).
If the customer indicates in the text version what new rating he/she gives to your product, the rating and comment will be updated in the old (first) review, and the additional version will not be published.
If the customer in the second review in the text version does not indicate a new rating, the previous review will be deleted and a new version without a rating will be published (only a text comment without stars).
You, as a seller, do not need to notify the admin that the customer has updated his/her review for your product. As soon as the system recognizes feedback without a rating, it will be a signal that the review (of a certain customer for a certain product) has been updated. And all the necessary actions to replace the previous version with a new one will be carried out as soon as possible.

You can also contact the customer by sending him/her an email (be aware that the direct email may end up in spam).
To find the customer’s email address, go to the Vendor Dashboard → Orders. Find the order of the customer you need. Open the order, and the client’s email address will be indicated there.

3 – You can contact the admin directly (without prior correspondence with the customer) only if you consider that the customer’s review violates the DIY Markt’s Terms of Use.

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