Manual Refund (only for sellers using PayPal)

NOTE: PayPal is an exceptional measure activated on the platform at the request of merchants in countries where it is not possible to open a Stripe business account.
By default, our platform only works with payments via Stripe. Payments for merchants who have a Stripe business account receive all payouts automatically, while withdrawals and refunds for PayPal-connected stores must be managed manually by the store owners and administrator.

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To proceed with a refund, navigate to Vendor Dashboard → Orders. Choose the order you want to refund and click on it.

On the order page, click the “Request Refund” button.

Full refund:

1 – In the Quantity field, enter the number of items you wish to refund. When doing this, make sure that the price and VAT are displayed correctly, according to the quantity of the product that you want to return. The data can be corrected manually.
“Restock refunded items” is enabled by default.
2 – After the settings in point 1, the final refund amount will automatically appear in the “Refund amount” field.
3 – After checking the correctness of the refund amount, click the “Refund Manually” button.
(If your store is not connected to Stripe, don’t use the “Refund via Dokan Stripe Connect” button. This button does not work for PayPal-connected stores and will be rejected. For stores using PayPal, use only manual refund).

Partial Refund:

1 – Enter the amount you want to refund. When you make a partial refund, don’t forget to uncheck “Restock refunded items”. 

2 – Check if the refund amount is correct.

3 – Click “Refund Manually“.

Next, you will get a pop-up alert mentioning the fact that you are refunding. Clicking on the ‘Ok‘ button will finish the refund process. Otherwise, you can select the ‘Cancel’ button to decline the process.

Upon clicking the ‘Ok‘ button you will get another success pop-up regarding the completion of the process:

The administrator will be notified of your refund request and proceed to manually refund the customer directly from the DIY Markt platform’s account. After the refund, your store balance will be automatically adjusted.

Here is how you can see the refunded amount from an order:


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